Aztec All State Players (Az Republic Newspaper)
1st Team All State
Year(s) Player Position
1981 John Jones 2B
1982 Mike Kearney OF
1991 Chris Cooper 2B
1993 Jason Kendler 1B/Rhp
1994 Jason Hendricks 3B
1995 Chris Sartz Catcher
1996 Aaron Fugit OF
1998 Sean Martin SS/Rhp
2002 Nate Combs 3B
2003 Josh Tarnow Catcher
2007 Andrew Pollak Catcher
2008-2009 Mike Felton SS- Inf
2009 Ryan Moore OF
2015-2016 Ryan Novis OF
2017 Christian Slater OF
2nd Team All State
Year(s) Player Position
1981 Keith Burkhart 1B
1981 Mike Hold 2B
1981 Tony Peters OF
1981 Jeff Price Lhp
1983 Manual Vital Catcher
1985 Karl Ermisch OF
1990 Manny Carbajal 1B
1990 Health Tagtmeyer SS
2008 Kevin Collinger Rhp
2012 Kyle Jorgensen Inf
2015 Quinn Flanagan Rhp
Honorable Mention
Year(s) Player Position
1986 Freddie Combs 3B
1986-87 Rudy Gomez SS
1987 Chris Elder Rhp
1991 Josh Foshie Rhp
1991 David Courter 3B
1992 Jason Kendler Rhp
1993 Brian Reid SS
1993 Erik Knox 3B
1994 Tim Vasquez Rhp
1995 Matt Cowley Ult
1995 Steve Carlson SS
1996 Anthony Walker Ult
2000 Scott Walker Rhp
2001 Brian Smith OF
2002 Matt Michael 1B
2004 Chris Reap Rhp
2004 Phil Anderegg 3B
2007 Joey Shumer Lhp
2007 Mike Felton OF
2009 Kirby Pellant Inf
2009 Tyler Giannonatti Ult
2010 Kyle Jorgensen OF
2012 Josh Either Inf
2012 Colby Hamilton Catcher
2015 Matt Asta Catcher/Rhp
2016 Connor McCord Inf
There are many All State Teams selected by various newspapers and organizations, but the only one recognized is the
Arizona Republic's newspaper All State selections