CdS Players to go on to Play College Baseball
Player Varsity Year(s) College/University Position
Steve Ryan 1979-80 Scottsdale Community College Rhp
Perry Smith 1980 Scottsdale Community College 1B/OF
David Watson 1979-80 South Mountain Community College 2B/3B
Grand Canyon College
John Jones 1979-80 Brigham Young University 2B
Dixie College
Chuck Kelly 1983-85 Mesa Community College OF
Ball State
Freddie Combs 1984-86 Arizona State University 3B
University California Irvine
George Sanchez 1984-86 Phoenix College Catcher/Rhp
Mesa State College
Nacho Martinez 1983-85 Phoenix College Rhp
Royce Stites 1985-87 Phoenix College Catcher
Rudy Gomez 1985-87 South Mountain Community College SS
Riverside Baptist College
Chicago Cubs Organization
Andrew Jackson 1986-87 Mesa Community College OF
Mesa State College
Brad Baker 1986-88 South Mountain Community College 1B
Mesa State College
Mike Reeves 1986-87 University of Arizona 1B/Catcher
Grand Canyon College
College of the Southwest
Karl Ermisch 1983-85 Arizona State University OF
Grand Canyon College
John Wochner 1987-89 Scottsdale Community College 3B
Tom Stewart 1987-89 Scottsdale Community College Lhp
University of Kansas
Bob Andres 1989-90 Sterling College Rhp
Heath Tagtmeyer 1989-90 Yavapai Community College SS
Quincy College
Matt Wright 1989-91 Scottsdale Community College Catcher
Josh Foshie 1989-91 Phoenix College Rhp/1B
Florida Marlins Organization
Independent Professional Team
Leon Amaro 1988-90 Scottsdale Community College OF
Jay Cano 1989-90 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Chris Cooper 1989-91 Mesa Community College 2B
University of Arizona
Independent Professional Team
Chad Freese 1990-91 University of Redlands OF
Greg Froehlich 1991 South Mountain Community College OF
Derrick Rodriguez 1991-93 South Mountain Community College SS
T.J. Snyder 1990-91 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Chris Cafaro 1989 South Mountain Community College Catcher/Inf
Jason Kendler 1991-93 Mesa Community College Rhp/1B
San Diego Padres Organization
Brian Reid 1991-93 Grand Canyon College SS/2B
Professional Baseball Scout (Detroit )
Brian Lorig 1992-93 South Mountain Community College 2B
Scott Alden 1993 South Mountain Community College SS/OF
Stephen Ramirez 1991-93 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Brad Martinson 1992-93 Arizona State University Catcher3B
Matt Nelson 1993-94 South Mountain Community College 1B/Catcher
Brett Hetrick 1991-92 Mesa Community College Rhp
Adam Schoen 1993-94 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Tim Vasquez 1993-94 Pepperdine Rhp
Arizona State University
Az Vipers Professional Team
Buck Bandura 1993-94 Yavapai Community College OF
Chris Sartz 1992-95 Pima Community College Catcher
South Mountain Community College
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Jason Hendricks 1993-94 University of Arizona OF
Montreal Professiona Organization
Anthony Walker 1994-96 Mesa Community College Lhp
Vanguard University (Calif)
Aaron Fugit 1995-96 South Mountain Community College OF
Mesa Community College
Nazarrene College Pointe Loma
Chad Montgomery 1995-96 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Tim Rogers 1994 South Mountain Community College 3B
Jefferson Community College
Cory Nenaber 1996-97 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Grand Canyon College
P.J. McKaig 1997 Mesa Community College Rhp
Arizona Diamondback Organization
Steve Carlson 1996-97 Scottsdale Community College SS
Kenny Sargent 1996-97 Brigham Young University OF
Sean Martin 1996-98 Cal State Fullerton Rhp/SS
San Fransico Giants Organization
Zach Cates 1997-98 Mesa Community College 2B
Oklahoma State University
St. Louis Cardinals Organization
Anaheim Angels Organization
Donnie Gwinner 1997-98 Mesa Community College Catcher
South Mountain Community College
Metro State
Billy Robertson 1998-99 Mesa Community College Rhp
Brad Vericker 1997-99 Nazarrene College Pointe Loma Lhp/1B
San Fransico Giants Organization
Jeremy Whitman 1999-00 Yavapai Community College Rhp
Northern College University
Scott Walker 2001-02 Mesa Community College Rhp
Texas A & M Corpus Christi
Chris Honza 2001-02 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Hutchinson Community College
Philadelphia Phillies Organization
Bryce Gundry 1999-01 Central Arizona College Rhp
South Mountain Community College
David Gross 1999-01 Central Arizona College Lhp
Kevin Krahenbuhl 1999-01 Arizona State University 3B
Logan VanWart 2000-01 Mesa Community College Rhp
Matt Michael 2000-02 Grand Canyon College Lhp/1B
St. Louis Cardinals Organization
Brian Smith 2000-02 Grand Canyon College OF
Nate Combs 2000-02 Central Arizona College 3B
Josh Tarnow 2002-03 South Mountain Community College Catcher
University of New Orleans
Baltimore Orioles Organization
Eric Gundry 2002-03 South Mountain Community College 2B
K.C. Kaiser 2003 South Mountain Community College OF
Kyle Chilton 2002-03 South Mountain Community College OF
Glendale Community College
Scott Gurley 2001-02 Chandler/Gilbert Community College Rhp
Bevan Anderson 2003 Mesa Community College Rhp/OF
Cameron University
Braden Johnson 2002-03 Mesa Community College
University of California San Bernadino Rhp
Chris Reap 2003-04 Dixie College Rhp
University of Northern Colorado
Phil Anderegg 2003-04 South Mountain Community College Rhp
T.J. Stapp 2004-06 Phoenix College Rhp
Cameron Quade 2004-05 Phoenix College Catcher
South Mountain Community College
Gabe Sandersous 2004-05 Phoenix College Lhp/OF
Texas Christian University
Matt Ortiz 2004-06 Mesa Community College 2B/Rhp
Cameron Smith 2005-06 Scottsdale Community College SS/Rhp
Casey Barnes 2005-06 Kansas Wesleyan University Rhp/SS
Philadelphia Phillies Organization
Ronny Romo 2005-06 Kansas Wesleyan University 1B
Tim Martin 2006 Gateway Community College Lhp
Brandon Adams 2006 Colorado Christian University OF/Ult
Joey Schumer 2006-07 South Mountain Community College Rhp
Andrew Pollak 2006-07 Arizona State University Catcher/SS
Dustin Campos 2006-07 Simpson College OF
Jesse Scoular 2006-07 Cal Poly Pomoma Rhp
Gavin Rodriquez 2006-07 Hastings College 1B
Alex Murrieta 2006-08 Gateway Community College 3B/Rhp
Justin Klett 2007-08 Paradise Valley Community College Rhp/Ult
Kirby Pellant 2006-09 Marshall University SS/2B
Ohio State University
California Angels Organization
Ryan Moore 2007-09 Kansas State University OF
Tyler Giannonatti 2007-09 Kansas State University Rhp/3B
Mike Felton 2007-09 Campbell Universuty Inf
Tanner Tripp 2008-09 Gateway Community College OF
Kevin Collinge 2008-09 Gateway Community College Lhp
Trever Allen 2007-10 Arizona State University OF
Greg Ryan 2008-10 Central Arizona College OF/1B
Andy Nist 2008-10 Chandler/Gilbert Community College Catcher
Tyler Garcia 2010 Mesa Community College Rhp/3B
Grand Canyon College
Aaron Siple 2010-11 Gateway Community College OF/Lhp
University of New Mexico
Mike Castelano 2010-11 Chandler/Gilbert Community College OF/1B/Rhp
Heath Dwyer 2010-11 Virginia Commonwealth University Lhp/Of
Chris Gammon 2010-11 Chandler/Gilbert Community College 1B/Rhp
Brian Lambert 2010-11 Scottsdale Community College Catcher
Colby Hamilton 2011-13 Louisiana Tech Catcher
Kyle Jorgensen 2010-12 South Mountain Community College Inf/Of/Rhp
Jeff Either 2010-13 Grand Canyon University Inf
Chris Tate 2011-13 Trinity University Inf
Tyler Daugherty 2013-14 Scottsdale Community College Of/Rhp
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Garrett Poole 2011-14 Gateway Community College Lhp/Of
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Nathan Chokley 2012-14 Gateway Community College Lhp/Of
University of New Mexico
Matt Asta 2013-15 Gateway Community College Catcher/Rhp
Grand Canyon University
Arizona Christian University
Damon DeVirgillio 2012-15 Gateway Community College Inf/Of
San Francisco State University
Eric Schwalbe 2012-15 South Mountain Community College Rhp/3b
Connor McCord 2013-16 Western Oregon 1b/Lhp
Ryan Novis 2013-16 St. Mary's College Of/Rhp
Quinn Flanagan 2014-16 University of Arizona Rhp
Chase Hamilton 2014-17 Mesa State College Inf
Brandon Bracy 2015-17 Gateway Community College lhp/1b
Venkat Narayan 2016-17 Gateway Community College Of
Matt Novis 2016-18 Yavapai Community College Rhp/OF
University of Texas at Arlington
Brian Kalmer 2017-19 Arizona State University 3B
Wabash Valley College (IL)
Daniel Sotelo 2016-19 Yavapai Community College Lhp
Phoenix Community College
Wyatt Berry 2018-19 Gateway Community College Inf
Ben Click 2017-20 William Jewell College (Liberty, MO) Catcher
Hunter Haas 2017-20 Arizona State University Inf
Texas A & M (College Station, TX)
Cade Verdusco 2017-20 Grand Canyon University OF
David Utagawa 2017-20 Northwestern University Rhp
University of California Irvine (CA)
Bryan Webb 2017-20 Grand Canyon University 1b/Lhp
Marcus Harrison 2020-21 Central Arizona College Inf
Quade Swearingen 2019-21 South Mountain Community College OF
Cole Carlon 2021-23 Arizona State University Lhp/1B
Landon Springmeyer 2022-23 South Mountain Community College Catcher
Kobe Ladd 2022-23 Mississippi Valley State Univerisity Rhp
Gabriel Carrizoza 2020-23 Thomas College Rhp/10B
Justin Corless 2022-23 Chandler/Gilbert Community College Rhp/OF
Trey Anderson 2021-23 Colorsdo Mesa University 2B
Jacob Gutierrez 2021-23 Chandler/Gilbert Community College Inf
Zane Coggins 2021-23 Chandler/Gilbert Community College Infr/Of